My First Blog – My Life

I guess this is where I start.  I guess the biggest thing about me is that I’m cynical and nihilistic.  I learn things the hard way.  My best intentions typically go awry.  I’m introverted but I’m extroverted.  The difference is that I’ve decided to let the introversion become the dominant trait.  Why?

Because my introversion has never come back to hurt me.  I have yet to say that by keeping to myself things didn’t go ass end up.

These are just a few of my vices.  I know it sounds like I’m whining but it isn’t.  I’m just extremely self aware.  I don’t make it anyone else’s problem and I don’t blame others.  I don’t like the social media and it is a little overwhelming but being that I’m a journalism major I have to grit my teeth and push through it.  Here goes.


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