I’ve realized that this era  is, and has been,  a turning point in human history.  Everything we do and how we interact is influenced social media.  We have even come up with something in the Internet that can only be describes as “Internet language.  See, we have invented another language as a speceis.  We have become lost in the media that has surrounded us which has lead us to be more isolated while simultaneously keeping us in contact with each other.  Social media has enhanced us as group but has also forced us to lose something too.  To begin with instead of me having to deal with the people in the region I reside in, thanks to the Internet, I have to deal with people around the world.  This isn’t how I want to spend the rest of my days: listening to the opinion of someone who probably should have kept their opinion to themselves.   I have a love – hate relationship with the Internet.  I love having the world at my fingertips but I really hate having to listen to the average citizen use the Internet as a way to have a mental release of some kind.  I get the feeling that most of these people don’t have social outlets so they use the Internet to feel relevant.

This is a photo courtesy of AdBusters magazine titled “Datacide: The Total Annhilation of Life as We Know It” by writer David Haddow with the link of the story provided above.  This further drives my point that we don’t interact with each other anymore because we can’t wait to get a hold of our smart phones and tweet instead.  I should’ve seen it coming 10 years ago when texting language first came around but at the time it seemed cool.  A few years later a new friend told me that they would “facebook me” and I had this internal reaction of disgust.  It was along the lines of “apparently we can’t even speak face to face anymore we need a device to do that now”.  There’s also an icon in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube….who have an option to “friend” someone.  I guess just finding a friend the way we did in the past is out.

I’m really curious to see what the world will be like in 50 years while we sink further in to the media craze.


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