Desire to be a hermit: I must leave

The Internet has become another devise that we use to feed the massive lies and delusions we have about ourselves and society.  I don’t condemn those who  use the Internet to relieve their dark impulses by trolling.  I can’t say I feel that way.  Trolling doesn’t seem like fun to me.  I, like others, have experienced enough turmoil in my life that exchanging negative energy with someone online is pointless and unnecessary.

I look around and all I hear is the clicking of keys and the new language of social media.    We are turning into mindless and obedient robots.  With everything that we have accomplished with technology we are regressing into behavior that we previously found  morally reprehensible.  I can’t go anywhere without hearing someone saying something like:

“I can whatever I want however I want and I don’t have to be apologetic”

“Go die”

It appears that we’re just too happy with our toys and other  comforts.  If nothing bad is happening to us than we give less than a damn about anyone else.  We have adopted a passive aggressive nature towards one another and have accepted it as being “just dandy”.

The Internet is another place where we  consume each other, give our money, and sell our images to the advertising Gods.  We’ve become extremely narcissistic and cruel.  When were these qualities considered to be good?  Instead we spend billions of dollars on activities that are problematic.  The new generation is fixated on being the first generation to not smoke.  How about being the generation who has independent thoughts, questions authority figures, and loves deeply?  I understand the motivation but I think it’s misplaced.  We’re raising another generation to not see what the real problems are.


Hey Millennium Kids break this cycle.

Most people just seem to gleefully be consumers, judges, and critics.  They defend themselves with passive aggressive words by saying “it’s my right to say what I want”.  The older I get the more I realize that they’re is something really messed up about us as a group and I look forward to our extinction.  My one belief or hope is that man goes away and never comes back because he makes it obvious again and again what it is that’s important to him and no amount of optimism changes that idea or him.


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