Is there really free will?

Free will is the belief a person is in control of what they do, think, and feel. I guess I understand why people want to believe that because it gives us a sense of power with the goal being some sort of triumph.

The idea of free will is the emotion of supremacy in respect to him who must obey.

Error of free will – The doctrine of the Free Will was invented principally for the purpose of punishment.  That is to say with the intention of tracing guilt.  Under free will every action is regarded as voluntary.  The origin of every action lies in the consciousness – Nietzsche

The opposite of free will is determinism.

Determinism – Being able to trace an event to another event and so on to the original idea, person, animal, or object where they cannot be held responsible much like the person who is mentally ill.

All institutions in this society are based on the idea of free will as means of control and to keep society functioning.  When a person breaks the law the reasoning is that “You didn’t have to do that”.  The educational system requires that students take responsibility for their actions and performance and that implies free will.  If someone were not to be a model student than it was their choice since that understanding was in place.

Yes because we have no choice but to have free will – Christopher Hitchens

Most religious people would say that we are given free will by God and this is a self contradictory statement because the word “given” implies determinism.

Now I would have to say that I’m a realist and I lean more towards determinism.  I go through my life never being surprised by anything because I always expect the worst so at best I’m happy at worst….not surprised.


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