If we kill a corporation

image courtesy of Adbusters

Another poem from Adbusters.  I can’t say for certain what this visual depicts.  I’m going to assume that this is just another piece of abstract art that’s meant to be thought about.  The informative information given that no corporate charter has been revoked in over 100 years was not surprising.   I guess that would be the reason that things have gone so awry but I’m not an expert by any means in matters like these.

The enticing idea in this column was that if we were to merely commit to the action of revoking a corporate charter, whatever that entails, it would create a ripple in the established order.  I think that’s something that could have positive long term affects if handled appropriately but it has to happen first, or, as the author puts it “the floodgates would happen”.  I like the vision that I got with that.


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