Online Dating

It’s kind of strange but even with my favorite literature there’s always one article that I just can’t get through.  This doesn’t mean that this issue is on the author I’m going to say it’s on me.  I am a fan of the writers who speak from experience in a somewhat awkward voice in the first sentence.  His first thought for his audience is that to his relief he wasn’t the only one awkwardly striving to digitally represent himself as a passable mating partner.

Patrick England describes himself as a “denizen” in the world of online dating.

According to Patrick in the past five years websites such as Match or OkCupid have attracted millions of monthly visitors.  It’s kind of strange but I thought there would be more.  Despite this apparently online dating has become so prevalent in the United Kingdom that the United Kingdom that the Office of National Statistics recently added online dating to the bundle of consumer goods and services used to calculate the rate of inflation.  I would call that another media phenomenon.

In true Adbusters ideology Patrick leaves us with the following statement:

It is instead conflating a free-market ideology of mass consumption as a vehicle of romantic emancipation while obscuring why we were led to such a lonely recesses in the first place.

How about you play with that sentence for awhile?  I like it and I think I agree I just wish I was a bit more intelligent and articulate to express it.  It’s suffice to say that as efficient and positive as social media and the Internet are I believe it also mirrors everything negative about us.  Capitalism and consumerism using something else to drive their empire of power and control (but you have to read the article).


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