The intricacies of coffee

Who would have thought that the cultural phenomenon of the powers of coffee would be so interesting a topic.

Douglas Haddow asserts that the caffeine in the coffee tricks our brain into thinking that we’re more alert than we really are.  This is easy enough to believe.  I think it’s all about classical conditioning and since we are creatures of habit morning stimulants are now a part of our morning rituals.  The real answer behind this is far more engaging and a bit philosophical.

Going further into the psychoanalysis for the need of coffee is the realization by Haddow that “without caffeine we would sleep more and sleep is the enemy of capitalism.

If I were to be honest I would say that this is how I feel about my coffee needs.

Research was cited from Oxford University that says we now sleep between one and two hours less than we did 50 years ago.  This may not sound like much but if examined in the idea of “things adding up” losing sleep, however little, has long-term effects.  I myself have felt forced to catch up on sleep I’ve missed in the past year at the oddest of times.  I’m going to speculate that there is a correlation to the booming cultural consumption of energy drinks, coffee and other uppers to get the day going that Haddow seems to support.

It’s interesting that in this social media world we have a market for the proper constraints of sleep which has always been a natural process for us. in Tokyo, which is considered to be one of the most sleep deprived countries in the world, this process comes  in the form of two drinks.  One being the “On Switch” and the other, that’s right , “Off Switch”.  Here’s the kicker….it’s the same recipe for both.  The difference being that they’re both taken during different times of the day.

It’s interesting and kind of ominous if I were to give me honest opinion on how we have come to deal with our bodies natural ability to tell us we need more sleep.  What’s more ominous is how it’s being harnessed for the “greater good” of productivity.


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